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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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2814. Trump praises U.S. congressman from Montana who body-slammed reporter
President Donald Trump on Thursday heaped praise on a U.S. congressman from Montana who body-slammed a reporter during a campaign for a special election in 2017.
07:30 19.10.2018
2813. Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for Mexico
President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to deploy the military and close the southern U.S. border if Mexico does not halt a caravan of Central America migrants heading north, raising the risk of huge disruptions to trade.
01:03 19.10.2018
2812. U.S. Interior Department watchdog faults Zinke's travel practices: Washington Post
Sending a security detail to protect Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his wife on a vacation to Turkey and Greece cost taxpayers more than $25,000, the U.S. Interior Department"s watchdog agency has said, according to the Washington Post.
22:20 18.10.2018
2811. After ad gaffe, North Dakota's Heitkamp apologizes in Senate debate
North Dakota Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, facing a tough re-election fight, opened her debate on Thursday with Republican challenger Kevin Cramer by apologizing for a recent ad that named sex assault survivors without their consent.
22:14 18.10.2018
2810. Lawmakers to quiz Trump-Russia probe overseer Rosenstein
Republican lawmakers will next week question Rod Rosenstein, the U.S. Justice Department official who oversees a special counsel"s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and links between President Donald Trump"s campaign and Mos
20:44 18.10.2018
2809. Two top Trump aides tangle outside Oval Office over immigration
Two of President Donald Trump"s top advisers got into a heated exchange outside the Oval Office on Thursday as passions boiled over about how to handle illegal immigration, two sources familiar with the incident said.
20:05 18.10.2018
2808. Ex-FBI agent charged with leaking sentenced to 48 months
A federal judge in Minnesota sentenced former FBI agent Terry Albury to 48 months in prison on Thursday for leaking classified information to a journalist, according to the U.S. Justice Department.
19:45 18.10.2018
2807. Thousands in U.S. South may not be able to cast ballots in early voting
Thousands of voters in Tennessee were at risk of being blocked from casting regular ballots when early voting opened this week, as officials struggled to process a surge of new registrations ahead of Nov. 6 elections to determine control of the U.S. Congr
16:58 18.10.2018
2806. Mexico government says will ask U.N. for help with refugee applications
Mexico"s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that it would ask the United Nations refugee agency for help coordinating with Central American governments related to people seeking refugee status at Mexico"s southern border.
15:13 18.10.2018
2805. Florida's Republicans feel brunt of hurricane in upcoming election
Two days after Katherine Shimonis returned to her home in the Florida Panhandle to find it destroyed by Hurricane Michael, she went to her local post office, which was empty and without power, and shouldered her way through the front door.
15:05 18.10.2018
2804. Democratic victory in November would put Trump under microscope
If Democrats win control of the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate next month, nearly every aspect of Donald Trump"s presidency could face swift examination – from his long-elusive tax returns to possible business ties with Russia and conflicts of
14:23 18.10.2018
2803. Democrats question plan for new FBI HQ near Trump's DC hotel
Five senior Democratic members of Congress have questioned what they say is a Trump administration plan to build a new headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigation across the street from Donald Trump"s downtown Washington hotel.
14:20 18.10.2018
2802. Pompeo recommends giving Saudis 'a few more days' for Khashoggi investigation
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that he had told President Donald Trump that the United States should give Saudi Arabia a few more days to wrap up its investigation into the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
13:08 18.10.2018
2801. Trump administration asks high court to halt climate change case
President Donald Trump"s administration on Thursday for a second time asked the U.S. Supreme Court to put the brakes on a lawsuit filed by young activists who have accused the U.S. government of ignoring the perils of climate change.
12:34 18.10.2018
2800. Emmet Flood temporarily appointed counsel to president: White House
The White House said on Thursday that Emmet Flood has temporarily taken on the role of counsel to U.S. President Donald Trump, beginning on Thursday and continuing until Pat Cipollone takes on the post.
12:08 18.10.2018
2799. U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin withdraws from Saudi conference
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Thursday said he would no longer attend next week"s investment conference in Saudi Arabia, as the Trump administration awaited the outcome of investigations into missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
12:06 18.10.2018
2798. Democrat O'Rourke winning the Hispanic vote in Texas - but it's not enough
In a packed Texas convention center, Democrat Beto O"Rourke drew cheers last weekend with a blistering critique of Republican rival Ted Cruz"s support for deporting young undocumented immigrants, part of a stump speech aimed at inspiring Hispanic vo
07:02 18.10.2018
2797. As tensions mount, Mattis seeks more resilient U.S. ties with China's military
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told his Chinese counterpart on Thursday that the world"s two largest economies needed to deepen high-level ties so as to navigate tension and rein in the risk of inadvertent conflict.
06:42 18.10.2018
2796. How Democrats hope to obtain Trump's tax returns
The U.S. Congress could request President Donald Trump"s tax returns under a seldom-used 1924 law, which Democrats say they plan to invoke promptly if they win control of the House of Representatives or the Senate in the Nov. 6 elections.
06:16 18.10.2018
2795. Late brothel owner Hof will win Nevada vote: campaign manager
A brothel-owning Republican candidate for the Nevada state legislature who died this week will remain on the ballot and win his election in November, his campaign manager predicted on Wednesday.
23:00 17.10.2018
2794. At U.S. hearing, Kavanaugh accuser 颼 percent' certain he assaulted her
A university professor on Thursday said she was "100 percent" certain that Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump"s Supreme Court nominee, sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, telling a dramatic U.S. Senate hearing she feared he would rape and perhaps
14:42 27.09.2018
2793. Trump and deputy attorney general Rosenstein delay meeting to next week
President Donald Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the probe into Russia"s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, agreed to delay a planned meeting until next week so as not to interfere with a Senate hearing for Supr
13:38 27.09.2018
2792. House committee to vote on release of Trump Russia transcripts
A U.S. House of Representatives committee will vote on Friday on whether to release dozens of transcripts of interviews from its investigation of Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, including conversations with senior associates of President Donald Trump.
13:28 27.09.2018
2791. At U.N., U.S. at odds with China, Russia over North Korea sanctions
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned members of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that they must "set the example" by enforcing sanctions on North Korea as China and Russia suggested the council consider easing the tough measures.
12:30 27.09.2018
2790. With opinion split, tariffs are a tough sell in America's Rust Belt: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Politicians in America"s Rust Belt will likely struggle to capitalize on U.S. President Donald Trump"s trade war in November"s congressional elections, with a September poll showing voters in the region are cool on the effect of tariffs.
08:49 27.09.2018
2789. Trump accuses China of 2018 election meddling; Beijing rejects charge
U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused China of seeking to meddle in the Nov. 6 U.S. congressional elections, saying Beijing did not want his Republican Party to do well because of his pugnacious stance on trade.
03:32 27.09.2018
2788. China says does not interfere in other countries' internal affairs
China"s foreign ministry said on Thursday that Beijing does not interfere in other countries" internal affairs, after U.S. President Donald Trump accused it of seeking to meddle in the Nov. 6 U.S. congressional elections.
03:32 27.09.2018
2787. Trump wavers on Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh
President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he could withdraw his support for Brett Kavanaugh depending on the testimony in a high-profile Thursday hearing into multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee.
00:13 27.09.2018
2786. Senate's Judiciary Committee, then and now
On Oct. 11, 1991, 14 white men grilled African-American law professor Anita Hill in a packed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room about her allegations of sexual harassment by then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.
22:37 26.09.2018
2785. Supreme Court's Ginsburg voices support for #MeToo on eve of Kavanaugh hearing
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voiced support for the #MeToo movement on Wednesday in a striking statement on the eve of a high-stakes U.S. Senate hearing into allegations of sexual misconduct by President Donald Trump"s nominee to the
19:22 26.09.2018
2784. New allegation of drunken assault surfaces against Kavanaugh: NBC News
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is looking into at least one additional allegation of misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, NBC News reported on Wednesday.
19:07 26.09.2018
2783. Trump says he prefers to keep Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in his job
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would prefer to keep Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his job, after the New York Times reported Rosenstein had suggested secretly recording Trump and recruiting Cabinet members to remove the presi
18:34 26.09.2018
2782. Trump to back U.S. spending bill, avert government shutdown
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a massive spending bill on Wednesday, averting the threat of a government shutdown when the fiscal year ends at midnight on Sept. 30 as President Donald Trump indicated that he would sign it.
18:30 26.09.2018
2781. Senate panel to interview Kavanaugh over new allegations: Politico
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee plans to interview Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by a third woman on Wednesday, Politico reported.
17:37 26.09.2018
2780. Supreme Court nominee accuser says it is 'civic duty' to testify
The woman accusing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her decades ago said in written testimony released on Wednesday that she believes it is her civic duty to testify at a high-stakes Senate hearing.
17:37 26.09.2018
2779. Who is the Arizona prosecutor chosen to question Kavanaugh and his accuser?
Hoping to salvage the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and cement a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court for a generation, Republicans have chosen a woman who prosecuted sex crimes in Arizona to question President Donald Trump"s nominee about s
17:14 26.09.2018
2778. Only one in five adults want Rosenstein to leave: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Americans are largely supportive of the Department of Justice official overseeing the special counsel investigating the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.
17:11 26.09.2018
2777. Democrats have leads in Rust Belt states that Trump won: Reuters poll
An Indiana U.S. Senator seen as one of the chamber"s most vulnerable Democrats has a slight edge while four of his Rust Belt Democratic colleagues have solid leads in states President Donald Trump won in 2016, a Reuters poll found.
16:01 26.09.2018
2776. U.S. accuses China of broad malign influence campaign
China"s Communist Party and government conduct a variety of malign influence and interference activities in the United States and globally, a senior Trump administration official told reporters on Wednesday hours after President Donald Trump accused Ch
14:05 26.09.2018
2775. Senate Judiciary Democrats ask Trump to withdraw Kavanaugh or investigate
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked President Donald Trump on Wednesday to withdraw the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court or immediately order the FBI to investigate allegations of sexual assault.
14:00 26.09.2018

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