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5389. Almost all homes in the UK must be retrofitted to meet climate targets
Countries need to start a massive programme of retrofitting old homes to make them carbon neutral if the world is to meet the global emission reduction target
23:01 10.10.2018
5388. Great Ormond Street launches hospital of the future with AI and robots
Step inside the hospital of the future, where face recognition tracks everyone who enters and robots roam the corridors
17:00 10.10.2018
5387. We need to get better at supporting people who lose a pregnancy
This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week, but more must be done to help those who, like me, have suffered a loss, says Petra Boynton
15:37 10.10.2018
5386. AI’s dirty secret: Energy-guzzling machines may fuel global warming
Advances in artificial intelligence could lead to massive growth in energy use as smart machines push into every corner of our lives
15:00 10.10.2018
5385. Bees suddenly stopped buzzing in the US during the 2017 solar eclipse
When the moon hid the sun in the 2017 total solar eclipse, bees across the US suddenly stopped buzzing around - only one bee aross 16 locations buzzed
14:00 10.10.2018
5384. Potentially catastrophic Hurricane Michael is about to hit Florida
Hurricane Michael intensified faster than expected overnight and is now headed for Florida. It was fuelled by abnormally warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico
13:50 10.10.2018
5383. Moons can have moons and they are called moonmoons
If a moon is big enough and far enough from its planet, it can host its own smaller moon, called a ‘moonmoon’ - and four worlds in our solar system fit the bill
10:53 10.10.2018
5382. We’ve missed many chances to curb global warming. This may be our last
Keeping warming to a manageable (but still dangerous) 1.5°C is possible, strictly speaking, but it will be the largest project humanity has ever undertaken
10:52 10.10.2018
5381. Are Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson really going to space soon?
Richard Branson has said that his space flight company, Virgin Galactic, will go to space “within weeks”. Here’s what you need to know about his claims
10:50 10.10.2018
5380. Rabbits flee when they smell dead relatives in predators’ droppings
Rabbits avoid nibbling grass in areas scattered with predator droppings – particularly if those predators have been fed on bunnies
10:20 10.10.2018
5379. You can recognise around 5000 faces, from family to celebrities
For much of human evolution our ancestors may have encountered only a few hundred people in their lives – but we can each recall about 5000 distinct faces
23:01 09.10.2018
5378. Falling rocks can explode so hard that only nuclear weapons beat them
If big rocks fall far enough they can explode with more energy than any non-nuclear bomb – and the ensuing shockwave can snap large trees half a kilometre away
15:00 09.10.2018
5377. Ancient ‘living fossil’ fish has scales that act as adaptable armour
The coelacanth fish has scales that can change their internal structure if they are pierced by a predator to stop cracks spreading
11:30 09.10.2018
5376. Home of the gentle giants: How humans live with Galapagos tortoises
The Galapagos archipelago is a growing tourist attraction, which is adding to the problems faced by the islands’ famous giant residents
10:25 09.10.2018
5375. Three people had their brains wired together so they could play Tetris
Three people played a game of Tetris using brain-reading caps. This is the first time several people have collaborated through brain-to-brain communication
10:00 09.10.2018
5374. Google+ to shut down after 500,000 people’s personal details exposed
The social network Google+ is shutting down for regular users, after it discovered a flaw in March that exposed personal information of up to 500,000 people
09:45 09.10.2018
5373. What is ‘problem internet use’ and is it really a problem?
Researchers are calling for recognition of mental health problems caused by excessive gaming, gambling and social media, but lumping these together may not be right
23:01 08.10.2018
5372. Jupiter’s moon Europa may have a belt of 15-metre-tall ice spikes
Landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa will be even harder than we thought due to a forbidding belt of huge ice spikes that could trap or incapacitate a spacecraft
15:00 08.10.2018
5371. Naysayers rise to the top because we naturally treat them as leaders
Openly negative and critical people are often elected leaders, perhaps because we perceive their disregard for social niceties as a sign of power and independence
14:39 08.10.2018
5370. What you need to know about the big UN climate report out this week
A special report on limiting global warming to 1.5°C has been released. Get caught up on why it matters
13:30 08.10.2018
5369. Swallowing a vibrating capsule could help relieve constipation
Capsules that are programmed to vibrate when they reach the large intestine have been shown to stimulate bowel contractions and relieve chronic constipation
12:00 08.10.2018
5368. Front-runner in Brazil’s election wants to pull out of climate treaty
The far-right winner of the first round of Brazil"s presidential election wants to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and cut down the Amazon rainforest
10:52 08.10.2018
5367. Hubble Space Telescope taken out of action by faulty gyroscopes
NASA"s Hubble Space Telescope has been temporarily shut down as technical faults have hampered its ability to point in the right direction
09:41 08.10.2018
5366. What you need to know about the big UN climate report out today
A special report on limiting global warming to 1.5°C will be published on Monday, but draft versions have already been leaked. Get caught up on why it matters
06:30 08.10.2018
5365. Economics Nobel prize given for putting a price tag on climate change
The 2018 Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences has gone to Paul Romer and William Nordhaus for integrating climate change and technology into macroeconomics
06:15 08.10.2018
5364. We’ve spotted the shock wave from an invisible explosion in space
For the first time, astronomers have spotted the shock wave from a powerful space explosion called a gamma ray burst without being able to see the burst itself
18:12 05.10.2018
5363. Cassini revealed three big surprises before diving into Saturn
Before the Cassini spacecraft melted away in Saturn’s atmosphere, it hurtled between the planet and its rings 22 times - and made some strange discoveries
15:00 05.10.2018
5362. Hundreds of physicists condemn sexist talk at CERN on women in physics
Following a talk by Alessandro Strumia at particle physics lab CERN that sparked outrage about sexism, hundreds of researchers have rallied together to push back against his claims
14:29 05.10.2018
5361. How should we control the power to genetically eliminate a species?
The power to re-engineer or eliminate wild species using a “gene drive” needs to be brought under international governance, say Simon Terry and Stephanie Howard
14:00 05.10.2018
5360. IVF success boosted by drug that helps embryos implant in the womb
Women given a drug that increases blood flow to the womb have a significantly higher chance of giving birth through IVF
13:07 05.10.2018
5359. Conquer your fear of public speaking by practising in virtual reality
Practising public speaking in virtual reality lets people confront their fears in a safe environment and become more confident in front of real-life audiences
12:23 05.10.2018
5358. People in Chile are currently evolving the ability to digest goat milk
Most Europeans have a genetic mutation that allows adults to digest milk, but it is less common elsewhere. Now it is spreading through Chile, and we don"t know why
10:35 05.10.2018
5357. Smartphone with a finger crawls across the table to stroke your wrist
MobiLimb is a fake finger that plugs into a phone"s USB port. It can provide extra interaction, including stroking your wrist and dragging itself across a table
09:32 05.10.2018
5356. Hundreds of tonnes of UK hospital waste piles up including human limbs
A huge backlog of NHS hospital waste has been revealed in a leaked report. It is believed to include pharmaceutical waste and a small number of amputated limbs
08:38 05.10.2018
5355. Wind farms do affect climate – but they don’t cause global warming
A study has claimed that large-scale wind power in the US would cause significant warming, but this is misleading and could harm take-up of renewables
15:00 04.10.2018
5354. Faecal swaps could help stop heart transplants from being rejected
Giving mice a faecal transplant made them more tolerant of a subsequent heart transplant, hinting the gut may be key to avoiding organ rejection
13:00 04.10.2018
5353. Tree rings reveal plague hit medieval Europe’s construction industry
Dating timber used to build European houses between AD 1250 and 1699 reveals that building activity fell during the Black Death and the Thirty Years’ War
11:30 04.10.2018
5352. First known exomoon could be a baffling monster the size of Neptune
Last year, New Scientist reported the possible discovery of the first ever exomoon. Now new evidence suggests that if it does exist, it is very strange
18:00 03.10.2018
5351. Row with Russia and SpaceX delays could leave NASA unable to reach ISS
Talk of sabotage on the International Space Station has exposed cracks in the US-Russia space relationship that could see NASA unable to fly astronauts into orbit
17:00 03.10.2018
5350. AI has reimagined nature and it’s both amazing and terrifying
A pack of brown dogs look like majesties of nature, but they’ve actually been dreamt up by a DeepMind AI
13:20 03.10.2018

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