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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Archiv (1635):

1635. With record in view, aging U.S. bull market may still be frisky
Why settle for nine-and-a-half years when you can do an even 10 or better? That’s the thinking of a lot of investors measuring whether a historically long run in U.S. stocks still has legs.
11:31 20.08.2018
1634. Bull market beliefs: Stock experts differ on market cycles
As Wall Street prepares on Wednesday to celebrate the current U.S. bull stock market becoming the longest in history, some investors are keeping corks in their champagne bottles.
09:16 20.08.2018
1633. The magic of enough: author Brian Portnoy on wealth
If you are like many investors, you obsess over stock fundamentals like earnings, debt or sales growth.
08:45 20.08.2018
1632. Chicago teachers pension fund divesting from private prisons
The Chicago Teachers" Pension Fund"s board of trustees voted on Friday to phase out investments in companies that run private prisons or immigrant detention centers, saying the businesses have an...
17:56 17.08.2018
1631. Trump backs CEOs, proposes easing corporate reporting rules
U.S. President Donald Trump asked securities regulators to explore replacing quarterly reporting requirements with half-yearly filings at the urging of executives including PepsiCo Chief Executive...
17:41 17.08.2018
1630. SEC moves to ease information disclosure requirements
The top U.S. securities regulator on Friday said it had voted to simplify and update requirements for disclosing information that it considers redundant or outdated, with the aim of reducing...
16:19 17.08.2018
1629. SEC says it continues to study frequency of company reporting
The Securities and Exchange Commission will continue to study the frequency of public company reporting after President Donald Trump called on the agency to consider shifting from quarterly to...
16:19 17.08.2018
1628. It will be tough for Trump's SEC to overhaul reporting rules
U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday that he wanted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to explore doing away with quarterly corporate reports, replacing them with filings every six...
16:19 17.08.2018
1627. Trump asks SEC to mull half-year corporate filings
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he has asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to study the impact of allowing companies to file reports with the financial regulator every six...
16:19 17.08.2018
1626. Kill quarterly reporting? Some investors ring alarm bells
Less reporting by U.S. corporations could put shareholders in the dark, allow companies to drift off course and even make U.S. stocks less attractive and create less public company investment, some...
15:21 17.08.2018
1625. U.S. value stocks capitalize on 'FANG' stumbles, with room to run
The summer roller-coaster in two of the four big-cap "FANG" names - Facebook Inc, Amazon.com Inc, Netflix Inc and Google-parent Alphabet Inc - has led to a shift, albeit slight, into value stocks.
12:29 17.08.2018
1624. Investors flee risk as bear markets multiply: BAML
Investors pulled billions from equities this week, shifting into bonds and high dividend-yielding sectors as Turkey"s currency crisis sparked a global selloff and emerging markets entered bear...
08:08 17.08.2018
1623. First crack at Musk could give top Tesla funds an edge
Information about Elon Musk"s efforts to take Tesla Inc private is scarce. But some small investors wonder if top funds have an edge.
17:48 16.08.2018
1622. Australia's AMP back in inquiry hot seat as pension transfers challenged
Australia"s No.1 retirement and wealth management company AMP Ltd paid hundreds of millions of dollars from customers" retirement accounts to its subsidiaries without proper documentation, an inquiry...
08:47 16.08.2018
1621. U.S. banks teach financial literacy with hands-on experience
Last year, Abbey Jones’ high school routine had a twist. For 45 minutes each week, she became one of 15 student tellers at the Community Spirit Bank branch at Red Bay High School in Red Bay, Alabama.
06:58 16.08.2018
1620. Retirement success: focus on the paycheck, not a savings number
Steve Vernon is an expert on numbers - but please do not ask him for your “number” - that is, the amount you need to save to insure a successful retirement.
06:13 16.08.2018
1619. Why Americans are more cautious about the cost of college
CHICAGO - Since he was in fourth grade, Dennis Nolte’s stepson Jacob has been tacking Massachusetts Institute of Technology posters to his bedroom wall and dreaming of attending some day.
21:27 15.08.2018
1618. Be humble, be frugal: Life lessons from Big Sick's Showalter
Michael Showalter’s path to success in Hollywood has as many plot twists as the movies he directs, which include the hit romantic comedy "The Big Sick."
13:49 15.08.2018
1617. SEC charges Ameriprise for not safeguarding client assets
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc will pay $4.5 million to settle charges that it failed to safeguard client assets after five of its representatives allegedly stole more than $1 million, the U.S....
13:45 15.08.2018
1616. Major Tesla shareholders trimmed stakes last quarter: filings
Two major Tesla Inc shareholders cut their stakes in the electric automaker during the second quarter, before Chief Executive Elon Musk announced he would try to take the company private earlier this...
20:53 14.08.2018
1615. U.S. teachers' union urges pensions to cut investment in private prisons
A labor union representing American teachers on Friday urged pension funds to cut their exposure to investment firms that have funneled millions of dollars into private prisons, saying the companies...
19:20 10.08.2018
1614. Third Point took new stake in NXP Seminconductors: filing
Billionaire investor Daniel Loeb"s hedge fund made a string of new investments in the information technology sector, including buying 10.7 million shares of NXP Semiconductors NV, during the second...
17:13 10.08.2018
1613. Ackman's public hedge fund beats market with 12.7 percent gain: report
William Ackman"s publicly traded hedge fund is outperforming the broader stock market this year, fueled by rising prices at Chipotle Mexican Grill and Automatic Data Processing Inc, the billionaire...
17:33 09.08.2018
1612. Attention retirement savers: college 529 plans aren't just for kids
As a financial planner, Ray Loewe watched clients who had retired struggle with too much leisure time.
11:37 09.08.2018
1611. Rosy assumptions on retirement timing invite rude financial surprise
Working longer can boost the odds of a secure retirement - that is an article of faith in retirement planning circles these days.
07:54 09.08.2018
1610. YOUR MONEY: How to rebuild when divorce derails your retirement
Divorce crushed Dennis Nolte"s retirement plans not once but twice.
16:37 08.08.2018
1609. Tesla buyout would add to year of pain for short-sellers
It would be the ultimate black eye for short sellers.
17:53 07.08.2018
1608. Pimco's Ivascyn says time for defensive approach at Pimco Income Fund
Dan Ivascyn, the group chief investment officer at Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco), said it is time for a more defensive approach at the Pimco Income Fund.
17:46 07.08.2018
1607. How to rebuild when divorce derails your retirement
Divorce crushed Dennis Nolte"s retirement plans not once but twice.
12:15 07.08.2018
1606. YOUR MONEY: Retirement planning the Dr. Strange way
In the recent film smash “Avengers: Infinity War,” superhero Doctor Strange analyzes more than 14 million possible futures to figure out how to defeat the evil Thanos and save humanity.
14:39 06.08.2018
1605. Top DJs spin tales of their first jobs
The world’s top DJs are basically demigods of the turntable, packing arenas and wowing electronic dance music (EDM) fans everywhere around the globe.
12:18 03.08.2018
1604. AIG shares slide 3 percent after executives downplay weak results
Insurer American International Group Inc slid more than three percent in morning trading on Friday after executives tried to downplay another weak earnings report and vowed a turnaround was on the...
10:29 03.08.2018
1603. Investors pull money from U.S. large-cap stocks as tech retains crown: BAML
A selloff in big U.S. tech shares wasn"t enough to pull money away from the sector, Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists said on Friday, but U.S. large-cap stocks suffered outflows as investors...
08:44 03.08.2018
1602. Capital gains tax cut idea puts pressure on Trump administration
The Trump administration came under pressure on Tuesday from both critics and allies over whether it should proceed with another tax cut for investors and do so without consulting the U.S. Congress.
14:47 02.08.2018
1601. U.S. Treasury proposes rules on repatriating overseas corporate income
U.S. companies got more clarity on Wednesday on bringing more than $2.6 trillion in profits held abroad into the United States, as required under tax changes enacted by the U.S. Congress in December.
14:19 02.08.2018
1600. NYSE-owner ICE to launch new fixed income ETF platform
Intercontinental Exchange Inc is partnering with BlackRock Inc on a new fixed income exchange-traded fund execution platform to open next year, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange said on...
12:52 02.08.2018
1599. Author delves into U.S. Social Security's origins to debunk myths
Social Security is unaffordable due to our aging population.
11:45 02.08.2018
1598. Goldman sees rising rates a drag on U.S. residential investing
Goldman Sachs economists said on Thursday rising mortgage rates would subtract 1 to 2 percentage points from U.S. residential growth over each of the next two years as they have already nicked the...
11:35 02.08.2018
1597. Is meaningful, part-time work in retirement a myth?
CHICAGO - As Pamela Pommer entered her 60s, she planned to work part-time helping aging people deal with financial troubles. But like many baby boomers she realized that a "meaningful" position is...
07:16 02.08.2018
1596. Apple's ride to $1 trillion: The magic number that gets it there
Apple Inc updated its latest share count on Wednesday, putting the magic stock price at $207.04 that would make the iPhone maker the first publicly listed U.S. company valued at $1 trillion.
17:09 01.08.2018

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