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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Reuters News:


Archiv (1987):

1987. Column: What would private equity funds in 401(k)s mean for retirement savers?
Employer retirement plans are not known for their flashy investments - a majority of 401(k) investors these days use target date funds that invest in broad, diversified equity and fixed income mutual...
06:20 12.06.2020
1986. U.S. money market assets decreased in latest week: iMoneyNet
U.S. money market fund assets decreased by $24.84 billion to $4.668 trillion in the week ended June 9, the Money Fund Report said on Wednesday.
14:38 10.06.2020
1985. Column: Spend or hoard? Fate of forced savings could define pandemic recovery - Mike Dolan
(The author is editor-at-large for finance and markets at Reuters News. Any views expressed here are his own)
02:54 03.06.2020
1984. Column: What COVID-19 is teaching us about how to reform Medicare
The COVID-19 pandemic has put a bright spotlight on weaknesses in many of the systems designed to protect Americans from risks. But with older people more susceptible to serious illness and death...
11:25 28.05.2020
1983. Ackman says hedge fund up 27% year to date, dumped Berkshire
William Ackman"s hedge fund is boasting double-digit gains at a time many portfolios have sunk along with the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, after the billionaire investor plowed cash into...
16:43 27.05.2020
1982. Starboard set to win eight board seats at GCP Applied Technologies-sources
Hedge fund Starboard Value LP is close to having eight directors elected to the board of GCP Applied Technologies Inc at the chemical company"s annual meeting, people familiar with the matter said...
12:34 27.05.2020
1981. Northern Trust shutting fund; an outlier or sign of future risk?
Northern Trust Corp"s decision to liquidate a $1.8-billion prime money market fund was seen as an outlier event by industry analysts on Wednesday, but one that could portend more problems depending...
15:59 20.05.2020
1980. Retirement services provider Human Interest extends funding round to $50 million
Human Interest, which helps small and medium-sized businesses set up 401K plans for employees, said on Wednesday it had extended its Series C funding round to $50 million due to more demand during...
11:36 20.05.2020
1979. U.S. bank regulator finalizes new community lending rule
A U.S. banking regulator announced on Wednesday it had finalized work on a long-running effort to change community lending standards for banks.
09:42 20.05.2020
1978. Your small business and COVID-19 questions, answered
Small businesses are among the hardest hit as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause economic uncertainty in communities across the United States.
15:06 14.05.2020
1977. U.S.-based stock funds post $3.2 billion weekly inflow: Lipper
U.S.-based stock funds posted $3.2 billion in inflows in the week ended on Wednesday, according to Lipper.
14:56 14.05.2020
1976. US money market assets increased in latest week: iMoneyNet
U.S. money market fund assets increased by $26.28 billion to $4.716 trillion in the week ended May 12, the Money Fund Report said on Wednesday.
14:59 13.05.2020
1975. Florida business lender accused of accounting fraud settles with SEC
Miami-area direct lending firm TCA Fund Management Group Corp and its affiliates reached a settlement with U.S. securities regulators over allegations of fraudulent revenue recognition that inflated...
14:58 13.05.2020
1974. Global hedge funds post April gains but still negative for the year: data
Global hedge funds posted their biggest monthly gain in more than a decade in April when stocks rocketed higher with the help of government rescue packages designed to fuel growth stalled by the...
17:34 07.05.2020
1973. U.S. stock funds shed $10.8 million in week: Lipper
U.S.-based stock funds posted $10.8 billion in outflows in the week ended ON Wednesday, according to Lipper.
15:35 07.05.2020
1972. US money market assets increased in latest week: iMoneyNet
U.S. money market fund assets increased by $37.80 billion to $4.690 trillion in the week ended May 5, the Money Fund Report said on Wednesday.
15:07 06.05.2020
1971. Fund managers fish for dividend plays amid sharp cuts
Some dividend fund managers are wading back into the shares of battered railroad stocks, energy companies and other economically sensitive, cyclical names, even as a host of companies have slashed...
14:55 01.05.2020
1970. Your unemployment questions, answered
U.S. jobless claims have exceeded 30 million since the coronavirus outbreak hit the country, wiping out a decade of job gains and sending many Americans scrambling to find work and cash in on...
13:16 30.04.2020
1969. US money market assets increased in latest week: iMoneyNet
U.S. money market fund assets increased by $72.69 billion to $4.652 trillion in the week ended April 28, the Money Fund Report said on Wednesday.
16:12 29.04.2020
1968. Fear, sticker shock over health insurance greet laid-off workers
If you were laid off in April, the health insurance from your job may stop at the end of the month. Then what?
13:43 29.04.2020
1967. Elliott hedge fund gains in March, up 2.2% for year: client update
Paul Singer"s Elliott International Ltd hedge fund gained an estimated 0.1% in March and is now up 2.2% for the year through the first quarter, according to an update sent to clients on Friday and...
20:41 03.04.2020
1966. Coronavirus fiscal fallout on U.S. muni issuers worries investors
Investors in the U.S. municipal bond market are growing increasingly worried over the ability of states, cities and other debt issuers to weather the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic caused...
17:21 03.04.2020
1965. Global currency funds notch wins amid coronavirus volatility
Global currency fund managers racked up gains in the first quarter as they benefited from the extreme volatility that the coronavirus pandemic has stoked across financial markets.
15:33 03.04.2020
1964. Hedge fund Glenview off 30% as coronavirus weighs on portfolio
Glenview Capital Management, the hedge fund run by Larry Robbins, has lost roughly 30% in the first three months of 2020 as the spread of the new coronavirus hurt the healthcare facilities and...
14:09 03.04.2020
1963. Some U.S. direct payments will take months to reach Americans: congressional panel
Americans should start receiving direct payments from the U.S. government in mid-April to help them cope with the coronavirus pandemic, but some may not see the money until mid-September, according...
16:49 02.04.2020
1962. Yield-thirsty investors eye stock dividends as virus fears shrink bond payouts
Battered S&P 500 stocks may get fresh interest from investors turning to dividends in a world of shrinking bond yields.
15:28 02.04.2020
1961. U.S. financial industry asking SEC to delay broker disclosure rule, citing coronavirus: sources
The financial industry wants the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to hold off on parts of a new rule requiring brokers to disclose potential conflicts of interest, citing disruptions caused by...
15:26 02.04.2020
1960. Your money: How to adjust your autopay spending during the coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus lockdowns might have caught a lot of people by surprise last month, but with April"s new billing cycle, it is time for cash-strapped Americans to rethink automatic spending habits.
12:25 02.04.2020
1959. Multi-strategy hedge funds outperformed peers as market plunged
Multi-strategy hedge funds - those that bet on a broad array of markets using teams of traders, leverage and centralized risk management - have flourished as stocks ended their worst three months...
16:54 01.04.2020
1958. U.S. pension funds may pour $400 billion into stocks, lifting virus-hit markets: JP Morgan
U.S. pension funds that delayed rebalancing their portfolios are likely to pump about $400 billion into stocks over the next two quarters, analysts at JP Morgan said, providing a potential boost to...
00:09 01.04.2020
1957. Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach bets stocks March lows to be surpassed in April
Bond investor and DoubleLine Capital Chief Executive Jeffrey Gundlach said on Tuesday he believes the coronavirus sell-off is not over yet and that the lows stocks hit in March will be surpassed in...
20:40 31.03.2020
1956. Invesco to sell all unquoted holdings in UK equities portfolios
Invesco said on Tuesday it would sell all the unquoted companies currently held in its UK equities portfolios and has marked down their value by 60% as a result of recent coronavirus-fueled market...
15:33 31.03.2020
1955. Billionaire investor Steve Cohen: 'After an earthquake there are tremors'
Billionaire trader Steven A. Cohen is cautioning the staff of his investment firm, Point72 Asset Management, to remain cautious amid markets that have recovered slightly from coronavirus-driven lows.
13:45 31.03.2020
1954. YOUR MONEY: How to apply past financial lessons to today’s coronavirus crisis
When the world feels like it is ending, it can be comforting to look to history and see that such global convulsions have happened before and the earth kept on turning.
12:10 31.03.2020
1953. LendingClub cuts approval rates for high-risk borrowers as coronavirus spreads
LendingClub Corp on Monday cut loan approval rates for some high-risk borrowers and increased income and employment verification requirements, in a sign that alternative lenders could pull back from...
18:15 30.03.2020
1952. Prophet Capital to dissolve hedge fund amid 'extreme volatility'
Prophet Capital Asset Management LP, an investor in loans and structured credit securities hit by recent market turmoil, plans to temporarily block withdrawals from one of its hedge funds and...
17:55 30.03.2020
1951. U.S. markets watchdog Clayton says SEC should not ban short-selling of shares
The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Monday that it should not ban short-selling of shares, amid speculation on further measures the agency might take to arrest a market...
15:27 30.03.2020
1950. Colombia's ELN guerrillas declare unilateral cease-fire amid coronavirus
The National Liberation Army (ELN), the largest active guerrilla group in Colombia, will observe a unilateral cease-fire for one month from April 1 in an effort to help stem the spread of...
10:43 30.03.2020
1949. Hedge fund Fir Tree puts $410 million dislocation fund to work
After years of waiting and watching from afar, hedge fund Fir Tree Partners is spending $410 million from its dislocation funds on stocks, pockets of the credit market and other securities, sure the...
15:31 27.03.2020
1948. Your Money: The one document Americans need now - Power of attorney
If you live in the United States and really want to be prepared for coronavirus, experts say you need a fully executed power of attorney, which designates a trusted person to take over your finances...
11:45 27.03.2020

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