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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Reuters News:


Archiv (1967):

1967. Elliott hedge fund gains in March, up 2.2% for year: client update
Paul Singer"s Elliott International Ltd hedge fund gained an estimated 0.1% in March and is now up 2.2% for the year through the first quarter, according to an update sent to clients on Friday and...
20:41 03.04.2020
1966. Coronavirus fiscal fallout on U.S. muni issuers worries investors
Investors in the U.S. municipal bond market are growing increasingly worried over the ability of states, cities and other debt issuers to weather the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic caused...
17:21 03.04.2020
1965. Global currency funds notch wins amid coronavirus volatility
Global currency fund managers racked up gains in the first quarter as they benefited from the extreme volatility that the coronavirus pandemic has stoked across financial markets.
15:33 03.04.2020
1964. Hedge fund Glenview off 30% as coronavirus weighs on portfolio
Glenview Capital Management, the hedge fund run by Larry Robbins, has lost roughly 30% in the first three months of 2020 as the spread of the new coronavirus hurt the healthcare facilities and...
14:09 03.04.2020
1963. Some U.S. direct payments will take months to reach Americans: congressional panel
Americans should start receiving direct payments from the U.S. government in mid-April to help them cope with the coronavirus pandemic, but some may not see the money until mid-September, according...
16:49 02.04.2020
1962. Yield-thirsty investors eye stock dividends as virus fears shrink bond payouts
Battered S&P 500 stocks may get fresh interest from investors turning to dividends in a world of shrinking bond yields.
15:28 02.04.2020
1961. U.S. financial industry asking SEC to delay broker disclosure rule, citing coronavirus: sources
The financial industry wants the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to hold off on parts of a new rule requiring brokers to disclose potential conflicts of interest, citing disruptions caused by...
15:26 02.04.2020
1960. Your money: How to adjust your autopay spending during the coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus lockdowns might have caught a lot of people by surprise last month, but with April"s new billing cycle, it is time for cash-strapped Americans to rethink automatic spending habits.
12:25 02.04.2020
1959. Multi-strategy hedge funds outperformed peers as market plunged
Multi-strategy hedge funds - those that bet on a broad array of markets using teams of traders, leverage and centralized risk management - have flourished as stocks ended their worst three months...
16:54 01.04.2020
1958. U.S. pension funds may pour $400 billion into stocks, lifting virus-hit markets: JP Morgan
U.S. pension funds that delayed rebalancing their portfolios are likely to pump about $400 billion into stocks over the next two quarters, analysts at JP Morgan said, providing a potential boost to...
00:09 01.04.2020
1957. Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach bets stocks March lows to be surpassed in April
Bond investor and DoubleLine Capital Chief Executive Jeffrey Gundlach said on Tuesday he believes the coronavirus sell-off is not over yet and that the lows stocks hit in March will be surpassed in...
20:40 31.03.2020
1956. Invesco to sell all unquoted holdings in UK equities portfolios
Invesco said on Tuesday it would sell all the unquoted companies currently held in its UK equities portfolios and has marked down their value by 60% as a result of recent coronavirus-fueled market...
15:33 31.03.2020
1955. Billionaire investor Steve Cohen: 'After an earthquake there are tremors'
Billionaire trader Steven A. Cohen is cautioning the staff of his investment firm, Point72 Asset Management, to remain cautious amid markets that have recovered slightly from coronavirus-driven lows.
13:45 31.03.2020
1954. YOUR MONEY: How to apply past financial lessons to today’s coronavirus crisis
When the world feels like it is ending, it can be comforting to look to history and see that such global convulsions have happened before and the earth kept on turning.
12:10 31.03.2020
1953. LendingClub cuts approval rates for high-risk borrowers as coronavirus spreads
LendingClub Corp on Monday cut loan approval rates for some high-risk borrowers and increased income and employment verification requirements, in a sign that alternative lenders could pull back from...
18:15 30.03.2020
1952. Prophet Capital to dissolve hedge fund amid 'extreme volatility'
Prophet Capital Asset Management LP, an investor in loans and structured credit securities hit by recent market turmoil, plans to temporarily block withdrawals from one of its hedge funds and...
17:55 30.03.2020
1951. U.S. markets watchdog Clayton says SEC should not ban short-selling of shares
The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Monday that it should not ban short-selling of shares, amid speculation on further measures the agency might take to arrest a market...
15:27 30.03.2020
1950. Colombia's ELN guerrillas declare unilateral cease-fire amid coronavirus
The National Liberation Army (ELN), the largest active guerrilla group in Colombia, will observe a unilateral cease-fire for one month from April 1 in an effort to help stem the spread of...
10:43 30.03.2020
1949. Hedge fund Fir Tree puts $410 million dislocation fund to work
After years of waiting and watching from afar, hedge fund Fir Tree Partners is spending $410 million from its dislocation funds on stocks, pockets of the credit market and other securities, sure the...
15:31 27.03.2020
1948. Your Money: The one document Americans need now - Power of attorney
If you live in the United States and really want to be prepared for coronavirus, experts say you need a fully executed power of attorney, which designates a trusted person to take over your finances...
11:45 27.03.2020
1947. SEC's shareholder advice proposal draws ire from Republican hedge fund donors
The U.S. securities regulator is on a collision course with powerful hedge funds executives, including former White House advisor Carl Icahn and Republican mega-donor Paul Singer, over a proposal...
15:02 05.02.2020
1946. Seniors deal with the harsh reality of debt
Allen Lomax knows how retirement is supposed to go: By your golden years, you should have paid off your house, built up a big pot of savings, and be able to face the years ahead without fear.
10:55 04.02.2020
1945. New York State pension fund puts 27 coal companies under review
New York state"s top pension fund official said it was reviewing whether to divest from 27 coal companies and could make decisions on $98 million in holdings within two months.
11:22 29.01.2020
1944. Sovereign wealth funds move mainstream, make less contrarian bets
Sovereign wealth funds" investment moves are becoming more closely aligned with the global asset management industry as they mature, and their growing size makes it harder for them to make contrarian...
11:21 29.01.2020
1943. Valaris settles with Luminus, hands board seat to hedge fund
Oil drilling firm Valaris PLC reached a settlement with Luminus Management and said on Monday that it has appointed one of the hedge fund"s partners to its board.
10:32 27.01.2020
1942. To train more workers, companies turn to virtual reality
The future of employee training involves no embarrassing role-playing in front of new colleagues or boring web modules which take an hour each to click through.
06:13 22.01.2020
1941. Which company just hit $1 trillion? Google it.
As Google-parent Alphabet Inc became on Thursday the fourth U.S. company to top a market value of more than $1 trillion, some funds holding its shares are wondering whether now is the time to cash in...
04:51 17.01.2020
1940. 'Green is good.' Is Wall Street's new motto sustainable?
If you have gone to Goldman Sachs Group Inc"s internet home page since mid-December, it would be reasonable to wonder if you had stumbled into some kind of parallel universe.
09:16 16.01.2020
1939. Activist hedge funds stepped up calls for asset sales and spin-offs in 2019: data
Hedge funds that push for change at corporations stepped up their demands for asset spin-offs and sales last year, making them part of nearly half of all activist investor campaigns waged in 2019,...
11:04 15.01.2020
1938. ValueAct's Ubben cheers BlackRock's new stance on climate change
Investor Jeffrey Ubben, already betting there is money to be made from coaxing corporations into being better citizens, gained an ally on Tuesday when BlackRock Inc chief Laurence Fink told companies...
10:58 15.01.2020
1937. In next war, soldiers will leave their smartphones at home: Peter Apps
As the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division departed for the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran, their divisional commander gave a simple order. All personnel entering...
07:04 14.01.2020
1936. Your money: Avoid divorce money regrets by taking control now
Emotions -- and expenses -- often run high during a divorce, but people and their bank accounts can bounce back given enough time. A new study from Fidelity Investments, released Tuesday, shows that...
00:25 14.01.2020
1935. Risk of pension meltdown grows due to inaction by U.S. Congress
The window is closing on the chance to avert a pension meltdown that will slash the retirement benefits of more than a million U.S. workers.
08:24 07.01.2020
1934. Your Money: Ditch the Resolution - Do a year-end review instead
It is hardly a secret that people rarely stick to New Year"s resolutions - only about 8% of people actually make it to the finish line with their goals, according to studies from the University of...
13:56 02.01.2020
1933. How risky ETFs won the decade - and why they might not repeat that performance
Exchange-traded funds that use leverage to offer double or triple the daily return of benchmark U.S. stock indexes rank among the 10 top-performing funds of the decade, with returns that in some...
05:45 24.12.2019
1932. Activist hedge fund Marcato Capital to shut down after drop in assets
Activist hedge fund Marcato Capital Management, backed by Blackstone Group and billionaire William Ackman, is shutting down as assets have shriveled after two years of poor returns, sources said on...
17:58 22.12.2019
1931. D.E. Shaw's Orienteer strategy posts double-digit returns this year
D.E. Shaw"s Orienteer platform, the backbone of the $50 billion investment firm"s multi-asset class offerings, posted high double-digit returns this year, the best ever in its six year lifetime.
16:22 20.12.2019
1930. SEC proposes allowing more investors access to private companies
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday proposed changes to its decades-old definition of a professional investor in order to allow more Americans to buy shares in private companies.
11:44 19.12.2019
1929. U.S. retirement legislation aims to improve workplace saving, income options
(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)
11:43 19.12.2019
1928. Fund investors pull back from U.S. stocks as year-end nears
U.S. fund investors started closing the books on 2019 by withdrawing more than $10.9 billion from mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that hold domestic stocks last week, the largest pullback...
12:59 18.12.2019

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