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4352. U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day
The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus pandemic climbed past 3,000 on Monday, the deadliest day yet in the country"s mounting crisis, while New York cheered the arrival of a gleaming 1,000-bed U.S. Navy hospital ship as a sign of hope in the city"
04:33 31.03.2020
4351. Trump says coronavirus guidelines may get tougher; 1 million Americans tested
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that federal social distancing guidelines might be toughened and travel restrictions with China and Europe would stay in place as he urged Americans to help fight the coronavirus with tough measures through April
03:29 31.03.2020
4350. What you need to know about coronavirus right now
Here"s what you need to know about the coronavirus right now:
02:57 31.03.2020
4349. Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world
Countries affected by the novel coronavirus entered another week of strict quarantine and several nations introduced new economic stimulus to aid citizens and companies hit by the pandemic.
02:03 31.03.2020
4348. New York's Cuomo pleads for doctors, nurses from other states to aid its hospitals
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called on Monday for healthcare workers elsewhere to help the state"s overwhelmed hospitals battle the coronavirus and made a plea for bipartisanship and "partnership" with U.S. President Donald Trump.
00:46 31.03.2020
4347. First U.S. military service member dies from coronavirus
The first U.S. military service member has died from the coronavirus, the Pentagon said on Monday, as it reported another spike in the number of infected troops.
23:17 30.03.2020
4346. California COVID-19 hospitalizations double in four days: governor
California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state had nearly doubled over the past four days and the number of ICU patients tripled during that time.
22:09 30.03.2020
4345. Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world
Countries affected by the novel coronavirus entered another week of strict quarantine and several nations introduced new economic stimulus to aid citizens and companies hit by the pandemic.
21:53 30.03.2020
4344. U.S. judges stop Texas, Ohio, Alabama from curbing abortions during coronavirus crisis
Federal judges on Monday blocked officials in Texas, Ohio and Alabama from banning most abortions in those states as part of their orders to postpone surgeries and other procedures deemed not medically necessary during the coronavirus crisis.
21:46 30.03.2020
4343. Coronavirus hits hundreds of U.S. police amid protective gear shortages
When nine police officers showed up to make an arrest near Melrose Avenue in the Bronx last Wednesday, none wore a mask or gloves to protect them from coronavirus.
21:15 30.03.2020
4342. U.S. Open venue to host 350-bed temporary hospital amid coronavirus pandemic
A portion of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is set to transform into a 350-bed temporary hospital on Tuesday, the USTA said, as the coronavirus outbreak strains resources in New York City, which as been dramatically affected by the pandemic.
21:11 30.03.2020
4341. Florida megachurch pastor charged with defying coronavirus stay-at-home orders
The pastor of a megachurch in Tampa, Florida, was arrested on Monday on charges of holding prayer services in violation of public health orders temporarily banning such gatherings to limit the spread of coronavirus infections, authorities said.
21:09 30.03.2020
4340. U.S. panel outlines how doctors should ration care in a pandemic
A panel of advisers issued recommendations for new crisis treatment standards on Monday advising doctors and hospitals on how they should decide which patients with COVID-19 get lifesaving care and which do not.
20:59 30.03.2020
4339. Six members of U.S. Congress diagnosed with coronavirus
At least six members of the U.S. Congress have announced that they have contracted the novel coronavirus, and more than 30 others are or were self-quarantining in hopes of limiting the spread of the pandemic.
19:08 30.03.2020
4338. Spirit cancels New York, Connecticut, New Jersey flights after CDC warning
Low-cost U.S. carrier Spirit Airlines Inc said on Monday it will cancel all flights to and from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey after U.S. officials warned against travel to the area because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
18:32 30.03.2020
4337. Cabin crew swap aircraft aisles for hospitals in UK's coronavirus fight
Britain"s temporary hospitals are seeking volunteers from airlines, calling on cabin crew members who are currently grounded to use their first-aid skills and calm manner to help get the new Nightingale hospitals up and running.
18:28 30.03.2020
4336. 'Like Glastonbury tickets': Britons chase online grocery slots in coronavirus crisis
British supermarkets are frantically trying to build up their online operations during the coronavirus emergency but no matter how hard they work they will not have enough capacity to meet unprecedented levels of demand.
18:28 30.03.2020
4335. The U.S. weighs the grim math of death vs. the economy
Hollstadt Consulting CEO Molly Jungbauer has had to let go 30 of the 150 employees at her St. Paul, Minnesota firm to weather the drop in revenue from travel industry clients because of the coronavirus.
18:28 30.03.2020
4334. Deaths, intubations swamp New Orleans doctors in coronavirus surge
Emergency room doctor Thomas Krajewski stopped at the hospital room door at 2 a.m. to glance at the chart. He knew instantly the long odds faced by the patient inside: A man in his 70s, with a fever, short of breath.
18:28 30.03.2020
4333. On Oklahoma plains, an island of near normality in a pandemic
On red cobbled Main Street in Guymon, the biggest town in Oklahoma"s panhandle, Jesus Ruiz gives "high and tight" hair cuts as a red, white and blue barber"s pole turns lazily outside.
18:28 30.03.2020
4332. Regulators begin probe into Google-Ascension cloud computing deal: WSJ
A U.S. federal regulator has initiated an investigation into a cloud computing deal between Alphabet Inc"s Google and Ascension Health [ASCNH.UL] which would give Google access to detailed health information of millions of patients, the Wall Street Jou
00:20 13.11.2019
4331. Republicans, Democrats draw battle lines over Trump impeachment inquiry hearings
Republicans and Democrats in Congress set battle lines on Tuesday ahead of televised hearings on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, drawing a vow from the Democrat leading the probe to thwart "sham investigations" into presidential hopef
23:00 12.11.2019
4330. Advice for impeachment witnesses: don't let lawmakers get under your skin
As televised hearings on whether to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump begin this week, witnesses are preparing for a grilling by lawmakers keen to score political points in front of ranks of TV cameras, watched by a public tuning in that may not know th
22:09 12.11.2019
4329. Ukraine is 'victim' in Trump impeachment fight, Ukrainian-Americans say
Regardless of how the House of Representatives" impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump end, some Ukrainian-Americans believe their ancestral homeland has already become a unwitting victim of tumultuous U.S. politics.
22:09 12.11.2019
4328. In reversal, Mulvaney says he won't sue over impeachment probe subpoena
White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday said in a court filing that he would not bring a lawsuit challenging a subpoena for his testimony in the impeachment probe into President Donald Trump, adding that at the direction of the presiden
22:09 12.11.2019
4327. Schiff: Impeachment hearings no place for conspiracy or targeting whistleblower
The head of the U.S. House panel leading the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday warned fellow lawmakers ahead of public hearings, saying the televised questioning would not serve as a venue to air conspiracy theories or out a whistleblower.
22:09 12.11.2019
4326. Explainer: What to expect from the televised Trump impeachment hearings this week
U.S. Democrats launch the public phase of their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week, with open, televised hearings set for Wednesday and Friday in the House of Representatives.
22:09 12.11.2019
4325. Factbox: What rules will the House use in televised impeachment hearings?
When millions of Americans watch the first televised hearing in the impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, they will see a different procedure than is ordinarily used for congressional committee hearings.
22:09 12.11.2019
4324. U.S. judge rules suspicionless searches of travelers' digital devices unconstitutional
A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that U.S. border agents need "reasonable suspicion" but not a warrant to search travelers’ smartphones and laptops at airports and other U.S. ports of entry, a practice that has been growing in recent years.
22:09 12.11.2019
4323. U.S. Supreme Court divided on Mexican cross-border shooting dispute
Supreme Court justices appeared divided on whether to let foreigners bring civil rights lawsuits in U.S. courts as they considered a bid by a slain Mexican teenager"s family to revive a lawsuit against the Border Patrol agent who shot him, with Justice
22:09 12.11.2019
4322. Ex-judges, families of murder victims, call for halt to U.S. federal death penalty
The relatives of murder victims, along with former judges and corrections officials, asked President Donald Trump and his attorney general on Tuesday to halt federal executions, at least for now, citing concerns about how the penalty is carried out.
22:08 12.11.2019
4321. Automakers expect Trump will delay decision on imposing EU, Japan auto tariffs
Major automakers think U.S. President Donald Trump will again this week push back a self-imposed deadline on whether to put up to 25% tariffs on national security grounds on imported cars and parts from the European Union and Japan amid an ongoing trade w
22:08 12.11.2019
4320. U.S. to ease firearm export rules next month: sources
U.S. firearms makers will be able to more easily export guns, including assault rifles and ammunition, as early as mid-December under rules set to be finalized by the Trump administration, people briefed on the matter said on Tuesday.
22:06 12.11.2019
4319. Trump campaign wanted updates on 2016 WikiLeaks releases on Clinton: ex-aide testifies
U.S. President Donald Trump"s 2016 campaign was keen to keep abreast of the release of emails potentially damaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, reaching all the way to Trump himself, the Republican"s former deputy campaign chairman testi
22:04 12.11.2019
4318. Judge blocks White House from allowing downloads of 3-D printed gun blueprints
A federal judge on Tuesday struck down the Trump administration"s effort to allow blueprints for making guns from 3-D printers to be posted online.
22:04 12.11.2019
4317. 'Dreamers,' Democrats rally behind DACA as U.S. top court mulls program's fate
Immigrants known as "Dreamers" and senior Democrats rallied behind the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Tuesday as the U.S. Supreme Court considered whether to let President Donald Trump end it.
22:03 12.11.2019
4316. U.S. Supreme Court declines to shield gun maker from Sandy Hook lawsuit
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to the firearms industry, rejecting Remington Arms Co"s bid to escape a lawsuit by families of victims aiming to hold the gun maker liable for its marketing of the assault-style rifle used in the 2012 Sand
21:58 12.11.2019
4315. Supreme Court leans toward Trump on ending 'Dreamers' immigrant program
The Supreme Court"s conservative majority signaled support on Tuesday for President Donald Trump"s bid to kill a program that protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants - dubbed "Dreamers" - who entered the United States illegally as children, eve
21:57 12.11.2019
4314. Michigan boy, 17, gets double lung transplant after damage from vaping
A 17-year-old Michigan boy facing "imminent death" from vaping injuries has undergone a double lung transplant, the first in a patient suffering from the effects of e-cigarettes, a Detroit hospital said on Tuesday.
21:09 12.11.2019
4313. U.S. House panel to hold impeachment hearings next week
The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee will hold public hearings for three days next week in its impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, the panel"s chairman, Representative Adam Schiff, said on Tuesday.
20:45 12.11.2019

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