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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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3008. Trump says could include Huawei and ZTE in trade deal
U.S. President Donald trump said on Friday he may or may not include Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp in the trade deal being negotiated between the United States and China.
21:54 22.02.2019
3007. Microsoft workers demand it drop $480 million U.S. Army contract
Some Microsoft Corp employees on Friday demanded that the company cancel a $480 million hardware contract to supply the U.S. Army, with 94 workers signing a petition calling on the company to stop developing "any and all weapons technologies."
20:52 22.02.2019
3006. NY governor orders probe into Facebook access to data from other apps
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday ordered two state agencies to investigate a media report that Facebook Inc may be accessing far more personal information than previously known from smartphone users, including health and other sensitive data.
18:52 22.02.2019
3005. NASA clears SpaceX test flight to space station
NASA gave its final go-ahead on Friday to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk"s SpaceX company to conduct its first unmanned test flight of a newly designed crew capsule to the International Space Station on March 2.
18:41 22.02.2019
3004. Branson's Virgin Galactic takes another step toward space tourism
A Virgin Galactic rocket plane on Friday soared to the edge of space with a test passenger for the first time, nudging British billionaire Richard Branson’s company closer to its goal of suborbital flights for space tourists.
17:25 22.02.2019
3003. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams steps down from board
Twitter Inc said on Friday one of its co-founders, Evan Williams, will be stepping down as a member of its board at the end of the month.
17:07 22.02.2019
3002. Intel says its 5G modem chips will not appear in phones until 2020
Intel Corp executives said on Friday its 5G modem chips will not appear in mobile phones until 2020, raising the possibility its biggest customer, Apple Inc, will be more than a year behind rivals in delivering a device that uses the faster networks.
15:49 22.02.2019
3001. Japanese space probe touches down on asteroid to collect samples
A Japanese space probe named after a falcon, Hayabusa 2, has touched down on an asteroid more than 300 million km (186 million miles) from Earth on a mission to seek clues about the origins of life, Japan"s space agency said on Friday.
15:22 22.02.2019
3000. Exxon, Microsoft strike cloud computing agreement for U.S. shale
Exxon Mobil Corp and Microsoft Corp have agreed to use cloud technology in the U.S. oil producer"s shale operations, they said on Friday, helping to boost profitability in the nation"s largest shale field.
11:16 22.02.2019
2999. LendingClub forecasts bigger-than-expected first-quarter loss
Online lender LendingClub Corp forecast a bigger-than-expected first-quarter loss on Tuesday, and revenue that missed Wall Street estimates, sending its shares down 5 percent in after-market trading.
09:25 22.02.2019
2998. Goldman Sachs backs U.S. construction finance tech startup Rabbet
Goldman Sachs Group Inc has backed Rabbet, a U.S. startup that develops software to help make construction finance more efficient, the companies said on Wednesday.
09:24 22.02.2019
2997. Democratic senators urge FTC to act on Facebook 'friendly fraud' practices
Two Democratic U.S. senators called for the Federal Trade Commission to act on a complaint filed by consumer groups against Facebook Inc on Thursday that alleged the company scammed children into spending money on its platform.
09:24 22.02.2019
2996. Cryptocurrency companies use 'backdoor' listings to ease into mainstream
Several cryptocurrency exchanges have moved closer to mainstream markets by buying listed companies, looking to raise funds and present themselves as embedded in the traditional financial services world they once spurned.
09:22 22.02.2019
2995. AT&T pulls ads from YouTube over videos exploiting children
AT&T Inc pulled all its advertising from Alphabet Inc"s YouTube for the second time in two years after a magazine reported the platform displayed ads next to videos that showed the exploitation of children.
09:16 22.02.2019
2994. Indian lawmakers summon Facebook officials over citizens' rights protection
An Indian parliamentary panel has summoned representatives of Facebook Inc, its messaging services WhatsApp and photo-sharing app Instagram to appear before it early next month and discuss how to safeguard citizens" rights on social media.
04:29 22.02.2019
2993. Tesla rolls out Model 3 in China ahead of schedule in sales push
Tesla Inc has started delivering Model 3 cars in China slightly ahead of schedule, as it looks to revive its sales that have been hit hard by Sino-U.S. trade tensions.
04:26 22.02.2019
2992. Digital shopping app JOOM targets France in challenge to Amazon
(This February 21 story corrects to show it has 40,000 new French users, not 4,000 in eighth paragraph)
04:12 22.02.2019
2991. Apple teams with Ant Financial, banks for interest-free iPhone financing in China
Apple Inc has teamed up with Chinese payments giant Ant Financial Services Group and several local banks to offer interest-free financing, its first such move in the country as it looks to boost waning smartphone sales.
03:28 22.02.2019
2990. Italian ruling-party lawmakers push for Huawei ban: paper
A group of lawmakers from Italy"s ruling coalition is pushing the government to ban China"s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from supplying equipment for the country"s rollout of 5G mobile communications, Il Messaggero newspaper said on Friday.
02:37 22.02.2019
2989. Israel's first lunar lander launched into space from Florida
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida on Thursday night carrying Israel"s first lunar lander on a mission that if successful will make the Jewish state only the fourth nation to achieve a controlled touchdown on the moon"s surface.
02:25 22.02.2019
2988. Bing outage in China was technical error, not censors' block: source
Search engine Bing"s outage in China last week was a technical error, rather than an intentional censorship block, a source familiar with the matter said, although Chinese authorities and Microsoft have not commented on the topic.
01:00 28.01.2019
2987. China's Didi, BAIC set up joint venture to work on NEV projects
China"s Didi Chuxing said it had set up a joint venture (JV) with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., a unit of state-owned BAIC, to work on new energy vehicle and artificial intelligence projects.
23:16 27.01.2019
2986. The digital drug: Internet addiction spawns U.S. treatment programs
When Danny Reagan was 13, he began exhibiting signs of what doctors usually associate with drug addiction. He became agitated, secretive and withdrew from friends. He had quit baseball and Boy Scouts, and he stopped doing homework and showering.
22:40 27.01.2019
2985. You're hired! Thai startup fills gap in tech talent recruiting
When app developer Sattha Puangput was looking to move from a startup to a new role, he updated his profile on GetLinks, a website that pairs technology professionals with companies looking to beef up their tech teams.
22:11 27.01.2019
2984. Excluding Huawei could hurt 5G network development: China envoy to EU
China"s envoy to the European Union warned that excluding Chinese tech group Huawei could hamper new 5G mobile networks, the Financial Times on Sunday.
18:18 27.01.2019
2983. Zuckerberg to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger: NYT
Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is planning to unify the underlying messaging infrastructure of the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger services and incorporate end-to-end encryption into these apps, the New York Times reported on Frid
15:06 26.01.2019
2982. Seeking thrifty ways to cut pollution, Rotterdam links up with hybrid BMW owners
As Daan Hosli"s hybrid BMW glides into downtown Rotterdam, it passes a virtual boundary into the city"s "electric-only zone" and his mobile phone trills out a reminder to switch off his combustion engine and drive on battery power.
07:43 26.01.2019
2981. China deletes 'malicious' mobile apps
(This January 24 story corrects throughout to say that the "Fruit Ninja" game deleted by the CAC was not developed by iDreamSky Technology Holdings Ltd, nor distributed by Tencent.)
04:48 26.01.2019
2980. Mastercard says plans to apply for China license to clear card payments
U.S. payments card company Mastercard Inc said on Friday it still plans to apply for a bankcard clearing license in China and was in "active discussions" to explore solutions.
21:53 25.01.2019
2979. Irish data watchdog investigates Twitter over privacy rules breach
Twitter"s lead regulator in the European Union, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), said on Friday it was investigating the company for a breach notification received from the social networking site.
14:50 25.01.2019
2978. GE urges speedy fix for power turbine blades, says blade broke in 2015: sources
General Electric Co is advising some buyers of its big power turbines to switch out faulty blades sooner than expected and has disclosed that a blade broke in 2015, according to a presentation reviewed by Reuters and people briefed on the matter.
13:19 25.01.2019
2977. Delta postpones Airbus A220 launch due to U.S. government shutdown
Delta Air Lines said on Friday it had decided to postpone the debut of its Airbus A220 due to delays in the Federal Aviation Administration certification process, which has stalled during the partial U.S. government shutdown.
12:46 25.01.2019
2976. In German 5G poker game, Dommermuth yet to go all in
Germany"s years as a cosy oligopoly in which the Big Three mobile operators carve up a saturated market could be about to end as billionaire Ralph Dommermuth joins the fray to bid for a fifth-generation license.
12:29 25.01.2019
2975. Exclusive: Ukraine says it sees surge in cyber attacks targeting election
Hackers likely controlled by Russia are stepping up efforts to disrupt Ukraine"s presidential election in March with cyber attacks on electoral servers and personal computers of election staff, the head of Ukraine"s cyber police said on Friday.
11:46 25.01.2019
2974. Exclusive: Naspers in talks to up stake in Russian classifieds website Avito
South African media and e-commerce Naspers said it was in talks to increase its stake in Avito, confirming a Reuters report that the group was close to taking control of Russia"s largest classified advertising platform.
11:25 25.01.2019
2973. France tightens 5G network controls amid Huawei backlash
France is stepping up controls of telecoms infrastructure used in next-generation networks, a finance ministry official said, amid growing security concerns over Chinese group Huawei.
11:18 25.01.2019
2972. China and U.S. among 76 WTO members pushing for new e-commerce rules
Impatient with a lack of World Trade Organization rules on the explosive growth of e-commerce, 76 members - including the United States, China, the European Union and Japan - agreed on Friday to start negotiating a new framework.
11:13 25.01.2019
2971. Four players apply to take part in German 5G auction
Four companies have applied to take part in Germany"s auction of fifth-generation mobile licences, the BNetzA federal network agency said on Friday, as the deadline for submissions expired.
10:18 25.01.2019
2970. Smartphone makers seek export incentives to grow India production
Smartphone makers in India are calling for export credits on devices and tariff cuts on machinery imports as part of measures they say will make Asia"s third-biggest economy a global smartphone manufacturing hub.
09:54 25.01.2019
2969. Vodafone holds off deploying Huawei in core network due to security row
Vodafone, the world"s second largest mobile operator, said it was "pausing" the deployment of Huawei equipment in its core networks until Western governments give the Chinese firm full security clearance.
09:25 25.01.2019

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