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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Reuters News:


Archiv (1904):

1904. Canada backs startup to boost data on space debris
The Canadian government"s contracting arm is backing a proposed new satellite system that will use big data analytics to provide commercially available data about the Earth and its orbit amid growing concerns about the risks posed by space debris.
11:04 16.06.2019
1903. Russia uncovers 40,000 year-old wolf head, preserved in ice
About 40,000 years ago, a wolf died in what we know as Siberia. Now its severed head has been found, and because of the freezing conditions, it is so well preserved that its fur, teeth, brain and facial tissue are largely intact.
02:35 14.06.2019
1902. India plans to launch own space station: space agency
India will look to create its own space station following the completion of the country"s first manned mission into space in 2022, its space agency chief said on Thursday.
12:03 13.06.2019
1901. High times in ancient China revealed in funerary cannabis discovery
Marijuana chemical residue has been found in incense burners apparently used during funerary rites at a mountainous site in western China in about 500 BC, providing what may be the oldest evidence of smoking cannabis for its mind-altering properties.
22:16 12.06.2019
1900. India set to launch second lunar mission; land rover on the moon
India said on Wednesday it will launch its second lunar mission in mid-July, as it moves to consolidate its status as a leader in space technology by achieving a controlled landing on the moon.
07:18 12.06.2019
1899. Hungarian scientists mull legal action over government controls
The head of Hungary"s oldest scientific institute said it was considering taking legal action to challenge government moves to take more control over research work and budgets.
07:03 12.06.2019
1898. Rocket firm Relativity signs lease with NASA for new robotic 3D printing factory
Relativity Space, a venture-backed rocket maker, said on Tuesday it will lease space from NASA in Mississippi, where its gigantic 3D printers will produce low-cost rockets to be used to launch small-payload satellites into orbit.
15:39 11.06.2019
1897. Ocado sows $22 million 'vertical farming' seed to diversify
Britain"s Ocado is plowing 17 million pounds ($22 million) into the emerging "vertical farming" industry, further diversifying the online grocer and technology group"s business.
04:25 10.06.2019
1896. Trump criticizes NASA moon mission after promoting it earlier
U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday criticized NASA for aiming to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024 and urged the space agency to focus instead on "much bigger" initiatives like going to Mars, undercutting his previous support for the lunar initia
20:54 07.06.2019
1895. Solar eclipse frenzy fuels astronomical tourism in Chile
The total solar eclipse expected in northern Chile early next month is already drawing flocks of visitors eager to glimpse a rare view of the phenomenon through the region"s clear skies.
17:25 07.06.2019
1894. Got $50 million for a vacation? NASA to open space station to private citizens
NASA will allow private citizens to stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for month-long getaways at a cost of about $35,000 per night, the U.S. space agency said on Friday.
15:25 07.06.2019
1893. California ladybug swarm dozens of miles wide shows up on radar
A swarm of many millions of ladybugs taking to the sky in Southern California this week to hunt for aphids has been captured on a radar screen as a massive blob, officials said on Thursday.
18:47 06.06.2019
1892. Richard Branson takes satellite launch business to Japan with airline ANA
Sir Richard Branson"s Virgin Orbit said on Thursday it plans to bring its satellite launch system to Japan in partnership with airline operator ANA Holdings Inc, which will provide maintenance and possibly aircraft.
04:30 06.06.2019
1891. NASA's first SpaceX astronauts ready for 'messy camping trip' to space
The first U.S. astronauts chosen to fly aboard a SpaceX capsule built for NASA shrugged off a spate of design and test mishaps, saying such setbacks were "part of the process" and the new technology was far more advanced than the space shuttle program tha
17:22 05.06.2019
1890. Scientists solve the mystery of the dragon with transparent teeth
Dwelling in the dark ocean depths, the dragonfish is a frightful marvel that would fit nicely into any horror movie, boasting exotic adaptations such as virtually transparent fangs that help it thrive in this extreme environment.
13:33 05.06.2019
1889. China launches rocket from ship at sea for first time
China successfully launched a rocket from a ship at sea for the first time on Wednesday, state media reported, the latest step forward in its ambitious space program.
08:21 05.06.2019
1888. Hungarian government submits bill to tighten grip over scientists
Hungary"s government is moving to tighten its grip on the research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, despite protests by scientists against political control of the academy.
07:01 05.06.2019
1887. Rogue Chinese scientist made 'foolish' choice in gene-edited babies
A rogue Chinese scientist who caused outrage last year when he said he had created the world"s first "gene-edited" babies in an attempt to protect them from HIV may also have put them at risk with a "foolish" choice of gene, experts said on Monday.
11:04 03.06.2019
1886. U.S. biologists probe deaths of 70 emaciated gray whales
U.S. government biologists have launched a special investigation into the deaths of at least 70 gray whales washed ashore in recent months along the U.S. West Coast, from California to Alaska, many of them emaciated, officials said on Friday.
13:00 01.06.2019
1885. Exclusive: Space firm founded by billionaire Paul Allen closing operations - sources
Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, the space company founded by late billionaire and Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen, is closing operations, cutting short ambitious plans to challenge traditional aerospace companies in a new "space race," four people
20:39 31.05.2019
1884. Russia says U.S. military curbs on space cooperation are unfair competition
Russia accused the United States of trying to unfairly grab market share in the space services industry on Friday after the U.S. military imposed restrictions on space launch cooperation with Moscow.
15:28 31.05.2019
1883. Hydrogen-powered flying vehicle touted as Southern California traffic tonic
Developers of a multi-rotor hover craft billed as the first flying vehicle to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells unveiled a full-scale model on Wednesday in Southern California, in a show-and-tell that raised some eyebrows but never left the ground.
05:26 30.05.2019
1882. From sky farms to lab-grown shrimp, Singapore eyes food future
Singapore, the tiny Southeast Asian city-state, is an unlikely place for a farming revolution.
03:47 30.05.2019
1881. Defying scientists, Hungary will overhaul academic network, website reports
Hungary is preparing legislation to strip the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research network, giving the government more control over scientific activity, the news website index.hu reported on Tuesday.
06:51 28.05.2019
1880. First satellites for Musk's Starlink internet venture launched into orbit
SpaceX, the private rocket company of high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched the first batch of 60 small satellites into low-Earth orbit on Thursday for Musk"s new Starlink internet service.
08:48 24.05.2019
1879. NASA executive quits weeks after appointment to lead 2024 moon landing plan
A top NASA executive hired in April to guide strategy for returning astronauts to the moon by 2024 has resigned, the space agency said on Thursday, the culmination of internal strife and dwindling congressional support for the lunar initiative.
01:10 24.05.2019
1878. Procrastinating genius: did da Vinci have attention disorder?
Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci"s litany of exquisite but unfinished work shows he probably had an attention disorder common to modern society.
23:25 23.05.2019
1877. NASA chooses technology firm Maxar for lunar platform project
NASA has picked space technology company Maxar Technologies Inc as the first contractor to help build its Gateway platform in lunar orbit, a crucial outpost for America"s mission to relay astronauts to the moon in 2024, the U.S. agency said on Thursday
20:34 23.05.2019
1876. Old mold: Fossil of world's earliest fungus unearthed in Canada
Microfossils of a globular spore connected to a T-shaped filament excavated in an Arctic region of northwestern Canada represent the oldest-known fungus, a discovery that sheds light on the origins of an important branch in Earth"s tree of life.
16:18 22.05.2019
1875. Horse dies at Pimlico day before Preakness race
A three-year-old filly collapsed and died after racing at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore on Friday, a day before the Preakness Stakes.
19:23 17.05.2019
1874. SpaceX postpones Starlink satellite launch again, for 'about a week'
A SpaceX launch already scrubbed once due to inclement weather was postponed again nearly 24 hours later on Thursday, this time for "about a week," in order to update satellite software and "triple-check everything," Elon Musk"s rocket company said.
22:18 16.05.2019
1873. Genus shares surge on deal to market gene-edited pigs in China
British livestock genetics firm Genus agreed on Thursday to license its know-how on virus-resistant pigs to Beijing Capital Agribusiness Co Ltd, which will seek regulatory approval for the pigs in the world"s biggest pork market.
07:53 16.05.2019
1872. High winds force SpaceX to postpone first launch of Starlink satellites
Billionaire Elon Musk"s SpaceX postponed a planned Wednesday night blastoff of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first 60 satellites for his new Starlink internet service, citing excessive winds over the Florida launch site.
23:51 15.05.2019
1871. SpaceX postpones satellite launch in Florida due to high winds
Elon Musk"s SpaceX postponed its planned Wednesday night blastoff of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first cluster of satellites for his new Starlink internet service, citing excessive winds over the Florida launch site.
23:09 15.05.2019
1870. SpaceX to launch first satellites for Musk's Starlink internet service
Elon Musk"s SpaceX was due to launch 60 small satellites into low-Earth orbit on Wednesday, part of his rocket company"s plan to sell Internet service beamed from space to fund his grander interplanetary ambitions.
19:51 15.05.2019
1869. Brazil seeks China's OK for genetically modified sugarcane
Brazil"s agriculture minister will ask Chinese officials on Thursday to greenlight exports to the Asian nation of sugar made from genetically modified (GM) sugarcane, which is expected to be widely used in Brazil in coming years.
13:28 15.05.2019
1868. Trump seeks extra $1.6 billion in NASA spending to return to moon by 2024
The Trump administration asked Congress on Monday to increase NASA spending next year by an extra $1.6 billion as a "down payment" to accommodate the accelerated goal of returning Americans to the surface of the moon by 2024.
00:35 14.05.2019
1867. Quakes show that moon, gradually shrinking, is tectonically active
The moon may be dynamic and tectonically active like Earth - not the inert world some scientists had believed it to be - based on a new analysis disclosed on Monday of quakes measured by seismometers in operation on the moon from 1969 and 1977.
22:35 13.05.2019
1866. Trump seeks extra $1.6 billion in NASA spending under goal of returning to moon
The Trump administration asked Congress on Monday to increase NASA spending next year by an extra $1.6 billion as a "down payment" to accommodate the accelerated goal of returning Americans to the surface of the moon by 2024.
22:35 13.05.2019
1865. Now you can explore a cave without actually going into a cave
Czech speleologists have come up with a way to explore flooded cave systems without strapping on scuba gear, wet suits, helmets and water-proof lamps: 3D mapping.
08:24 12.05.2019

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