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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Reuters News:


Archiv (2089):

2089. Half of lymphoma patients alive three years after Gilead cell therapy treatment: study
Nearly half of lymphoma patients treated with Gilead Sciences Inc"s Yescarta were alive at least three years after a one-time infusion of the CAR-T cell therapy, according to data presented on Saturday.
14:07 07.12.2019
2088. Bristol-Myers reports positive data on cancer treatment acquired in Celgene deal
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co on Saturday said that an experimental cancer therapy it acquired as part of its $74 billion deal for Celgene Corp produced positive results in a clinical trial.
14:04 07.12.2019
2087. Emotion-sensing robot launches to assist space station astronauts
An intelligent robot equipped with emotion-sensing voice detectors was headed to the International Space Station after launching from Florida on Thursday, becoming the latest artificial intelligence-powered astronaut workmate in orbit.
15:48 05.12.2019
2086. NASA's probe soaring near sun reveals surprises about solar wind
Troves of new data from a NASA probe"s close encounters with the sun are giving scientists unique insight about the solar wind and space weather more generally as the spacecraft zooms through the outermost part of the star"s atmosphere.
13:20 05.12.2019
2085. In New York lab, centuries-old corals hold clues to climate shifts
Some 20 miles north of New York City, a team of scientists is searching for clues about how the environment is changing by studying organisms not usually found in the woods around here: corals.
07:14 05.12.2019
2084. Bye-bye, birdie: Study finds North American birds getting smaller
Since 1978, researchers have scooped up and measured tens of thousands of birds that died after crashing into buildings in Chicago during spring and fall migrations. Their work has documented what might be called the incredible shrinking bird.
18:21 04.12.2019
2083. 'Indiana Jones' scientists collect seeds in wild for climate change fight
Braving perils from blood-sucking leeches to tigers and using transport as basic as elephants, scientists have journeyed like "Indiana Jones" to remote locations to collect wild cousins of crop seeds in a project to help tackle climate change.
18:56 03.12.2019
2082. Earth's temperature likely marks hottest decade on record: report
The past decade is almost certain to be the hottest on record, weather experts warned on Tuesday, painting a bleak picture of vanishing sea ice, devastating heatwaves and encroaching seas in a report launched at a climate summit in Spain.
10:20 03.12.2019
2081. With suction cups and lots of luck, scientists measure blue whale's heart rate
Using a bright orange electrocardiogram machine attached with suction cups to the body of a blue whale, scientists for the first time have measured the heart rate of the world"s largest creature and came away with insight about the renowned behemoth
20:07 27.11.2019
2080. With suction cups and lots of luck, scientists measure blue whale's heart rate
Using a bright orange electrocardiogram machine attached with suction cups to the body of a blue whale, scientists for the first time have measured the heart rate of the world"s largest creature and came away with insight about the renowned behemoth
05:41 26.11.2019
2079. Study reveals music's universal patterns across societies worldwide
From love songs to dance tunes to lullabies, music made in disparate cultures worldwide displays certain universal patterns, according to a study by researchers who suggest a commonality in the way human minds create music.
17:47 21.11.2019
2078. Egypt to send its first communication satellite into orbit on Friday
Egypt will launch its first communication satellite into orbit on Friday, a move it says will improve its communications infrastructure and internet services and attract investment.
13:17 21.11.2019
2077. High-tech Japan uses AI in song to welcome pope
Few aspects of life escape the touch of high tech in cutting-edge Japan, including an official song written to welcome Pope Francis when he visits Japan from Saturday.
13:44 20.11.2019
2076. 'Possibility of life': scientists map Saturn's exotic moon Titan
Scientists on Monday unveiled the first global geological map of Saturn"s moon Titan including vast plains and dunes of frozen organic material and lakes of liquid methane, illuminating an exotic world considered a strong candidate in the search for li
16:18 18.11.2019
2075. Spacecom's Amos-17 satellite completes test, reaches final orbit
Israel"s Space Communications said on Monday its Amos-17 communication satellite, which was launched into space in August, has completed its in-orbit testing and reached its final position.
08:56 18.11.2019
2074. Japan space probe on its way back after asteroid mission
A Japanese space probe is heading home from an asteroid 250 million km (155 million miles) from Earth after collecting sub-surface samples that could help scientists seeking the origins of life, Japan"s space agency said on Monday.
05:29 18.11.2019
2073. Boeing received 'unnecessary' contract boost for astronaut capsule, watchdog says
Boeing"s multibillion dollar contract to build U.S. astronaut capsules received an "unnecessary" extension from NASA, a watchdog report said on Thursday, the latest management blunders in the agency"s program to restart domestic human spaceflight.
22:11 14.11.2019
2072. China completes crucial landing test for first Mars mission in 2020
China on Thursday successfully completed a crucial landing test in northern Hebei province ahead of a historic unmanned exploration mission to Mars next year.
10:48 14.11.2019
2071. China's huge mysterious extinct ape 'Giganto' was an orangutan cousin
Genetic material extracted from a 1.9 million-year-old fossil tooth from southern China shows that the world"s largest-known ape - an extinct creature dubbed "Giganto" that once inhabited Southeast Asia - was an oversized cousin of today"s orangutan
13:21 13.11.2019
2070. Membrane in a minute: Singapore scientists produce in-vitro human skin
A piece of skin about the size of your thumbnail can be printed in less than a minute, scientists in Singapore say, a game-changing step for the future of non-animal testing for cosmetics and other products.
10:11 13.11.2019
2069. NASA unveils its first electric airplane - a work in progress
NASA, most prominent for its many Florida-launched exploits into space, showcased an early version of its first all-electric experimental aircraft, the X-57 "Maxwell," on Friday at its lesser-known aeronautics lab in the California desert.
04:40 09.11.2019
2068. Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking
Fossils unearthed in southern Germany of a remarkable ape that lived about 11.6 million years ago may dramatically alter the understanding of the evolutionary origins of a fundamental human trait - walking upright on two legs.
17:37 06.11.2019
2067. New Zealand base for methane-measuring satellite mission
A satellite mission to measure global methane emissions from oil and gas facilities will be based in New Zealand, the government said on Wednesday, in a collaboration with a U.S. environmental group.
01:03 06.11.2019
2066. NASA probe provides insight on solar system's border with interstellar space
(The Nov 4 story corrects speed of cosmic rays in paragraph 10.)
09:20 05.11.2019
2065. Boeing tests space taxi, one of three parachutes does not open
Boeing Co said on Monday that one of three parachutes failed to deploy during an otherwise successful safety test of its unmanned CST-100 Starliner crew capsule, being developed to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station.
15:18 04.11.2019
2064. China launches high-res satellite able to provide stereo imagery - CCTV
China launched a new high-resolution remote sensing satellite capable of providing stereoscopic imagery on Sunday, state-run media said, marking another important step as Beijing seeks to reduce reliance on foreign technology in topographic mapping.
02:39 03.11.2019
2063. Time for fungus? Indonesian watchmaker turns to mushroom leather
A watchmaker in Indonesia"s Bandung city thinks the next step in sustainability is a wristwatch with a strap made out of the complex root structure of a mushroom.
12:06 01.11.2019
2062. Czech lab grows mustard plants for Mars
Czech scientists have opened a lab to experiment growing food for environments with extreme conditions and lack of water, such as Mars.
10:38 01.11.2019
2061. Humankind's ancestral 'homeland' pinpointed in Botswana
A large ancient wetlands region spanning northern Botswana - once teeming with life but now dominated by desert and salt flats - may represent the ancestral homeland of all of the 7.7 billion people on Earth today, researchers said on Monday.
17:23 28.10.2019
2060. Secretive military spaceplane lands in Florida after record-long orbital flight
The Pentagon"s secretive X-37B spaceplane landed in Florida on Sunday after a record-long orbital flight lasting more than two years, the U.S. Air Force said, capping the latest test mission for an array of military technologies.
16:08 27.10.2019
2059. NASA plans to send water-hunting robot to moon surface in 2022
NASA will send a golf cart-sized robot to the moon in 2022 to search for deposits of water below the surface, an effort to evaluate the vital resource ahead of a planned human return to the moon in 2024 to possibly use it for astronauts to drink and to ma
14:46 25.10.2019
2058. Post-apocalyptic fossils show rise of mammals after dinosaur demise
A revelatory cache of fossils dug up in central Colorado details as never before the rise of mammals from the post-apocalyptic landscape after an asteroid smacked Earth 66 million years ago and annihilated three-quarters of all species including the dinos
14:03 24.10.2019
2057. Google unveils quantum computer breakthrough; critics say wait a qubit
Alphabet Inc"s Google said on Wednesday it had achieved a breakthrough in computing research by using a quantum computer to solve in minutes a complex problem that would take today"s most powerful supercomputer thousands of years to crack.
17:23 23.10.2019
2056. Explainer: Google hails 'quantum supremacy', but don't chuck out your PC just yet
Researchers at Google say they have achieved "quantum supremacy", in which a computer harnessing the properties of sub-atomic particles did a far better job of solving a problem than the world"s most powerful supercomputer.
17:04 23.10.2019
2055. U.S. tech firm Maxar taps startup's software for moon mission
(This October 22 story has been refiled to correct headline to say software rather than robotics, first paragraph to clarify that the Olis software would run on a Maxar robotic arm, paragraphs 2 and 3 to state that the robotic arm belongs to Maxar, and pa
14:16 23.10.2019
2054. Manure, trash and wastewater: U.S. utilities get dirty in climate fight
Joey Airoso has always been proud of his cows, whose milk goes into the butter sold by national dairy company Land O"Lakes. Now he has something new to brag about: the vast amounts of gas produced by his 2,900-head herd is powering truck fleets, homes
14:08 23.10.2019
2053. Musk's satellite project testing encrypted internet with military planes
The Air Force is using SpaceX"s fledgling satellite network to test encrypted internet services for a number of military planes, the space company"s president said on Tuesday, detailing results for the first customer of Elon Musk"s planned conste
07:06 23.10.2019
2052. Two thumbs up - or is it four? Odd lemur has evolved extra 'finger'
For a strange little lemur native to Madagascar that boasts one of the most unusual hands in the animal kingdom, a "high five" is more like a "trick six."
14:51 22.10.2019
2051. German WW2 U-boat base in France reboots as data center
The thick concrete walls of a long-abandoned World War Two German submarine base in Marseille, southern France, are set to find a new purpose: keeping banks of computer servers safe and cool.
13:05 22.10.2019
2050. Bezos's Blue Origin partners with Lockheed, others on moon lander
U.S. billionaire Jeff Bezos said on Tuesday his space company Blue Origin has signed agreements with Lockheed Martin Corp, Northrop Grumman Corp and research and development organization Draper for development of its lunar lander designed to help NASA put
11:23 22.10.2019

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