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Encyklopédia alebo náučný slovník je literárne dielo, ktoré krátko, stručne a jasne vysvetľuje dosiahnuté poznatky ľudstva alebo poznatky z určitého vedného odboru. Využíva pri tom odborný (náučný) jazykový štýl, heslá sú usporiadané v abecednom, chronologickom alebo systematickom poradí.

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Archiv (1974):

1974. Space telescope offers rare glimpse of Earth-sized rocky exoplanet
Direct observations from a NASA space telescope have for the first time revealed the atmospheric void of a rocky, Earth-sized world beyond our own solar system orbiting the most common type of star in the galaxy, according to a study released on Monday.
21:26 19.08.2019
1973. Plans detailed for first U.S. mission to land on moon since Apollo
The first American spacecraft expected to land on the moon in nearly 50 years will be an unmanned robotic lander built by closely held Astrobotic Technology Inc and launched in two years by United Launch Alliance"s Vulcan rocket, the companies told Reu
16:25 19.08.2019
1972. China state agency successfully launches rocket for commercial use: CCTV
A Chinese government space agency successfully launched on Saturday its first rocket meant for commercial use, state television CCTV reported, as firms in the country compete to join a commercial satellite boom.
04:05 17.08.2019
1971. NASA chief announces Alabama facility as moon spacecraft headquarters
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Friday said Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama will anchor the U.S. space agency"s program to build a spacecraft to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024, a boon for the state and a disappointment for Texas.
18:42 16.08.2019
1970. Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright
Millions of years after the ancestors of humans evolved to lose their tails, a research team at Japan’s Keio University have built a robotic one they say could help unsteady elderly people keep their balance.
11:35 16.08.2019
1969. NASA picks Alabama site as HQ for human moon lander program: sources
The head of NASA is set to announce plans on Friday to name the U.S. space agency"s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama as headquarters for its human lunar lander program, signaling progress in its drive to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024,
17:13 15.08.2019
1968. Planet 10 times Earth's mass may have smacked Jupiter long ago
Jupiter, the solar system"s largest planet, may have been smacked head-on by an embryonic planet 10 times Earth"s mass not long after being formed, a monumental crash with apparent lasting effects on the Jovian core, scientists said on Thursday.
15:10 15.08.2019
1967. Genetic study implicates humans in demise of prehistoric cave bear
Genetic research that reconstructed the past population dynamics of the cave bear, a prominent prehistoric denizen of Europe, implicates Homo sapiens rather than climate cooling in the Ice Age extinction of these brawny plant-loving beasts.
10:58 15.08.2019
1966. Chinese space startup revs up for reusable rocket race
Chinese startup LinkSpace on Saturday completed its third test of a reusable rocket in five months, stepping up the pace in China"s race to develop a technology key to cheap space launches in an expected global boom in satellite deployment.
08:04 10.08.2019
1965. Staring at seagulls can stop them stealing food, research shows
Britain"s seaside towns are at war with their seagulls, urging visitors not to feed the birds in an effort to stop them snatching titbits like potato chips from tourists" hands.
06:47 09.08.2019
1964. United Launch Alliance rocket blasts off from Florida carrying Air Force communications satellite
United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp, blasted off into space on Thursday morning, one of the final satellites for the U.S. Air Force"s new secure communications network.
11:54 08.08.2019
1963. Israel's Amos-17 satellite enroute to target orbit after SpaceX launch
Space Communication said on Wednesday its Amos-17 communications satellite was launched into space and was enroute to its orbital position after separating from its SpaceX rocket.
03:39 07.08.2019
1962. Rocket Lab plans reusable booster for satellite launches
Small-satellite launch firm Rocket Lab announced on Tuesday a plan to recover the core booster of its Electron rocket using a helicopter, a bold cost-saving concept that, if successful, would make it the second company after Elon Musk"s SpaceX to reuse
21:53 06.08.2019
1961. 'Moving fast:' Musk's SpaceX eyes Florida for launch site for Mars rocket
Elon Musk"s SpaceX is expanding its facilities in Florida to make room for the space company"s forthcoming super heavy-lift launch vehicle dubbed Starship, according to a draft of the plans seen by Reuters on Friday.
16:55 02.08.2019
1960. Astronomers find that Milky Way is a warped and twisted galaxy
Astronomers have created the most precise map to date of the Milky Way by tracking thousands of big pulsating stars spread throughout the galaxy, demonstrating that its disk of myriad stars is not flat but dramatically warped and twisted in shape.
06:19 02.08.2019
1959. Chinese state agency to launch rocket for commercial use in August
A Chinese government space agency is expected to launch its first rocket meant for commercial use in August, putting pressure on other domestic rocket firms to develop their own launch vehicles ahead of an expected commercial satellite boom.
04:02 01.08.2019
1958. Sunbeam-sailing spacecraft deemed 'mission success' in Earth orbit
A small crowd-funded satellite promoted by TV host and science educator Bill Nye has been propelled into a higher orbit using only the force of sunlight blowing against its sail in space, a novel propulsion developers say could "democratize" spaceflight.
22:51 31.07.2019
1957. After historic rocket launch, Chinese startup to ramp up missions
Beijing-based startup iSpace is planning up to eight commercial rocket launches next year, after last week becoming China"s first privately funded firm to put a satellite into orbit, its executives told Reuters.
01:58 31.07.2019
1956. Hundreds of fossils of strange primordial predator unearthed in Canada
Hundreds of fossils of a primordial sea creature with rake-like claws and a head resembling a famous fictional spaceship have been unearthed in Canada, providing a wealth of information about an important predator from a key time in the evolution of life
19:18 30.07.2019
1955. Genome study finds roots of Komodo dragon's tenaciousness
Scientists have mapped the genome of the Komodo dragon, the world"s largest lizard, discovering intriguing secrets behind the impressive speed and endurance these cold-blooded predators muster by ratcheting up their metabolism to mammal-like levels.
18:01 29.07.2019
1954. Israel's Spacecom looks to rebound from rough patch with Africa satellite
Israel’s Space Communication Ltd plans a satellite launch next weekend which it hopes will mark a rebound from a couple of major setbacks in recent years.
07:25 28.07.2019
1953. Giant dinosaur bone found in southwestern France
The thigh bone of a giant dinosaur was found this week by French paleontologists at an excavation site in southwestern France where remains of some of the largest animals that ever lived on land have been dug up since 2010.
10:31 26.07.2019
1952. Star orbiting massive black hole lends support to Einstein's theory
Observations of light coming from a star zipping in orbit around the humongous black hole at the center of our galaxy have provided fresh evidence backing Albert Einstein"s 1915 theory of general relativity, astronomers said on Thursday.
15:26 25.07.2019
1951. Pakistan aims to send first astronaut into space by 2022
Pakistan said on Thursday it aims to send its first astronaut into space by 2022 and will begin selecting candidates next year.
08:11 25.07.2019
1950. Chinese rocket startup puts satellites into orbit for first time
A rocket developed by iSpace put satellites into orbit after a launch from a state facility in northwestern China on Thursday, marking the first successful orbital launch by a privately funded Chinese firm.
02:47 25.07.2019
1949. India's moon mission lifts off, hopes to probe lunar south pole
India launched a rocket into space on Monday in an attempt to safely land a rover on the moon, its most ambitious mission yet in the effort to establish itself as a low-cost space power.
02:16 25.07.2019
1948. Milky Way melded with smaller galaxy in long-ago cosmic crash
The Milky Way, home to our sun and billions of other stars, merged with another smaller galaxy in a colossal cosmic collision roughly 10 billion years ago, scientists said on Monday based on data from the Gaia space observatory.
13:29 22.07.2019
1947. India to buy Russian rocket engines for its space program: RIA
India plans to buy rocket engines from Russia for its national space program, RIA news agency cited Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov as saying during a visit to New Delhi on Monday.
11:45 22.07.2019
1946. Shaken or stirred: robotic bartender serves up cocktails for Prague clubbers
For revelers at one Prague megaclub, gone are the days of being squashed at the bar waiting to get a watered-down cocktail.
08:01 22.07.2019
1945. Astronauts hailed as heroes 50 years after historic moon landing
Capping a week of celebrations over the historic Apollo 11 mission, Vice President Mike Pence joined astronaut Buzz Aldrin on Saturday at the launch pad in Florida that sent the moonwalker and his two crew mates to space for humankind"s first steps on
19:58 20.07.2019
1944. Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin complains about current U.S. lunar ability
When President Donald Trump asked Buzz Aldrin, the second human ever to walk on the moon, what he thought about the United States" current ability to operate in space 50 years after the Apollo 11 mission, the ex-astronaut had a ready response.
13:26 20.07.2019
1943. Explainer: NASA aims to build on moon as a way station for Mars
Unlike the Apollo program that put astronauts on the moon 50 years ago, NASA is gearing up for a long term presence on Earth"s satellite that the agency says will eventually enable humans to reach Mars.
12:07 19.07.2019
1942. Gulp! Jurassic mammal was the first one able to eat politely
A shrew-like primitive mammal that inhabited China 165 million years ago represents a milestone in mammalian evolution, scientists said on Thursday, boasting a key anatomical trait in its throat that helped usher in the era of polite table manners.
15:45 18.07.2019
1941. India to launch second lunar mission on July 22 after delay
India"s space agency said on Thursday it would launch the country"s second lunar mission on July 22, after the original launch was called off due to a "technical snag" earlier this week.
01:55 18.07.2019
1940. 'The Dish' still beaming signals from Australia 50 years after moon walk
It"s known as "The Dish" and it soars above a nondescript paddock in rural Australia. Without it, hundreds of millions of people would never have seen all of the generation-defining footage of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon 50 years ago.
22:44 17.07.2019
1939. 'Artificial snow' could save stricken Antarctic ice sheet - study
Governments could stop the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from sliding into the ocean and submerging coastal cities by launching a last-ditch engineering project to blanket its surface with "artificial snow", according to a study released on Wednesday.
15:48 17.07.2019
1938. Apollo 11's astronauts snapped photos for science. Then came MTV
The Apollo 11 astronauts who made mankind"s first visit to the moon 50 years ago were trained in how to take pictures for science. Back on Earth, some of those photos became pop culture touchstones.
10:48 17.07.2019
1937. Apollo moon rocks shed new light on Earth's volcanoes
Fifty years after humans first set foot on the moon, scientists believe rock samples collected by Apollo astronauts could help predict volcanic eruptions on Earth more accurately.
08:39 17.07.2019
1936. Buzz Aldrin, second man on moon, recalls 'magnificent desolation'
Fifty years after their history-making voyage to the moon, Buzz Aldrin recalls the first moments of the Apollo 11 launch being so smooth that he and his two crewmates, Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins, were unsure precisely when they left the ground.
21:34 16.07.2019
1935. Apollo 11 astronaut returns to launch pad where first humans lifted off for the moon
Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins returned to the launch pad Tuesday at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida where he flew to the moon 50 years ago along with the late Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
18:08 16.07.2019

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